How to Back Up the Database

Below are instructions to back up the SightLogix SightMonitor database. 

  1. In SightMonitor, select "Edit" > "Backup data base now"
  2. Once done, should have a new directory in 
    C:\Program Files\sightlogix\cs\db\backups with two files ( and slcs.script)
  3. Copy those files ( and slcs.script) to a safe location. These are your database backups.

If the “Backup Database” command did not work in Step 1, refer to the alternate method below to complete the db backup.

  1. Make note of your SightMonitor version and License Number by selecting Help > About in Sight Monitor.
  2. Copy all map files to a safe location contained in map directory:

 C:\Program Files (x86)\SightLogix\CS\Tomcat\webapps\slcs\site_images

  1. Copy your SightMonitor License file to a safe location. Your License file can be located by searching for

Note: Do not unzip the License file; it must remain in a zipped state when requested by SightLogix installer. 

Alternate Method

Follow the steps below to backup your database if the "Edit" > "Backup data base now" command fails.

  1. Note the currently installed SightMonitor version by logging into SightMonitor and selecting Help > About
  2. Close all SightMonitor windows.
  3. Start the Windows services (services.msc) window and manually stop the SightLogix service.
  4. Open a Windows File Explorer window and go to:
    C:\Program Files\sightlogix\cs\db.
  5. Copy the two files ( and slcs.script) and place in safe location in case they are needed for recovery
  6. Name the directory where the files are contained with the SightMonitor version recorded in Step 1 (i.e. X_X_XXXX for X.X.XXXX). Thedatabase structure is specific to the major release of SightMonitor being used.
  7. Start SightLogix service previously stopped in step 3.
  8. Copy all Map files contained in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SightLogix\CS\Tomcat\webapps\slcs\site_images to a safe location for reference if you need to reinstall SightMonitor.