How To Factory Reset SightLogix Devices

Web Browser Reset Process

Some newer versions of SightLogix devices can be reset using a Web browser. Try this version first. Otherwise, use the Hardware Reset Process below. 

  • Disconnect your device from SightMonitor (right-click your device from the left-side navigation and choose "Disconnect". )
  • Open a browser and enter the IP address of your device. 
  • The device homepage opens, as shown:
  • Click the Network link at the upper right. 
  • The Network screen opens, as shown. 

  • Click "Reset to Defaults".  (IP address information will NOT be changed. )

Note: If "Reset to Defaults" is not shown on your device, use the Hardware Reset Process, below. 

Hardware Reset Process

During the boot process, SightLogix devices will look for a short between Dry-Contact In and Relay-Out as shown below.  Refer to the diagram that matches your Gen3 SightSensor version. 

The location of the Ethernet port determines your version; it will be in the center or off to the right. 

Current Gen3 SightSensors

Previous Gen3 SightSensors

When this condition is detected, the camera will monitor the short for 20 seconds, while toggling the Relay which will create a rapid clicking sound. If the you remove the short during the 20 seconds, the camera will reset all configuration values back to the Factory state and reboot.

When in Factory Default state, the camera can be configured using SightMonitor.

When in Factory Default state, if the camera does not find a DHCP server on the network during the first 30 seconds, it will adopt the static address of and Network Mask and Broadcast address