Understanding Flashing LEDs on a SightSensor

3rd Generation SightSensors provide an LED indicator which is used to describe boot progress. 

Normal LED Progression

After applying power to a camera, the normal LED sequence is:

Solid Red
The camera has power and is trying to load the firmware - approximately 8 seconds

Flashing Red (1/4 Sec on, 1/4 Sec off)
The camera has loaded the firmware and is starting to boot - approximately  4 seconds

Alternating Red/Green (1/4 Sec Green, 1/4 Sec Red)
Camera is attempting to find a network - approximately  4 seconds

Flashing Green (1/4 Sec on, 1/4 Sec off)
Camera has found a network; for DHCP, the IP address has not yet been found. Camera will check all hardware and establish all services at this stage - approximately 18 seconds

Solid Green
Camera has finished booting and after 3 seconds will show the last octet of the IP address approximately  3 seconds

Flashing IP
See below - approximately  8 seconds flashing followed by 3 seconds of solid green

 After 2 minutes, the LED turns off no matter what it was indicating

Factory Reset Case

Fast Alternating Red/Green (1/8 Sec Green, 1/8 Sec Red)
LED only shows this when camera has detected reset jumper shorting relay to Dry Input pins - 20 seconds


Interpreting the Flashing IP

If the camera successfully boots, after showing solid green for three seconds, the camera will flash out the last octet of the IP address in binary, e.g.

  • If the IP address is then the camera reports 148
  • 148 decimal is 0xA4 in hexadecimal
  • 0xA4 is binary 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0, indicated as Red Green Green Red Green Red Green Green

Failure cases

If the camera does not show solid green for 3 seconds, the camera will show one of these states for approximately 8 seconds before showing solid red again (indicating the start of a new boot cycle)


If the LED never turns on at all, check the power connections to the camera. When it receives power, the LED will show solid red

Solid Red

Camera failed to boot firmware. You will see a brief blink of the Red LED every 15 seconds when the camera attempts to boot again.

Alternating Red/Green

Camera did not find a network, the Ethernet has no link 

Flashing Green

Camera did not establish IP address via DHCP or otherwise failed to complete the boot process