SightSensor 3rd Generation End of Life

April 1, 2017

Dear SightLogix Valued Customer,

SightLogix has initiated the End of Life (EOL) process for Third Generation SightSensors. 

Pursuant to the terms of your agreement with SightLogix, this serves as the formal written end-of-life notification for Third Generation SightSensors, which will allow for appropriate planning for support and future purchases.

Affected products are indicated by the second digit to the right of the dash in a SightSensor part number. Third Generation devices will have a “1” in this second digit.

For example, in part number NS145-610, the “-x1x” indicates a Third Generation device.

SightLogix will continue to provide support for Third Generation SightSensors for three (3) years from this date for those customers with a valid support contract. 

The objective is to smoothly transition customers to the new products by planning to the following milestones:

SightSensor End of Life (EOL)

  • EOL Notification                                                                               April 1, 2017
  • End of SightSurvey Availability                                                April 1, 2017  
  • End of Support                                                                                   April 1, 2020

Replacement Products

Fourth Generation SightSensors are the replacement products for Third Generation products. Fourth Generation products all end with the following part numbers: “-x2x”. 

For example, in part number NS145-620, the “-x2x” indicates a Fourth Generation SightSensor.

Please contact your SightLogix Sales Director for any questions.