SightMonitor II Documentation

SightMonitor II is a Windows-based site management and target display tool for 4th Generation and later SightLogix devices. 

SightMonitor offers two key functions: 

  • Site-wide management: A single interface to apply site-wide tasks, including firmware upgrades, assigning/moving devices from one site to another, performing backups, and directly accessing each device’s WebConfig page.
  • Live target display: Targets detected by SightSensors are overlaid on an aerial image of the site to visually show their location as they move within SightSensor detection zones. (Note: This functionality requires that each device be calibrated using the GPS Calibration method in WebConfig).  

SightMonitor II is the second generation of SightMonitor. The original version, SightMonitor “classic” is a Java-based client-server model that stores all calibration and configuration parameters in a local database.  With SightMonitor II, the calibration and configuration settings are performed using WebConfig and stored inside each SightLogix device. This makes SightMonitor II faster to install, load, and use.   

The following items are required to use SightMonitor II:

  • A SightLogix device running 15.12 or later firmware, ideally configured using WebConfig and the GPS Maps calibration procedure. 
    • SightMonitor II can be used with SightLogix devices that have been calibrated using the classic version of SightMonitor, or with the Quick Calibration procedure in WebConfig, with important caveats, explained in the SightMonitor II Installation Guide.
    • A PC with a 2 GHz dual-core processor (ideally I7-core or above) with at least 4GB of memory (ideally, 16GB or more) running currently supported 64-bit versions of Windows.

User Documentation and Resources