SightSensor Gen2 to Gen3 Upgrade Program

SightLogix announced the End of Life (EOL) for Second Generation (Gen2) SightSensors in May, 2015.  In response, we have created a cost-effective Gen2 to Gen3 Upgrade Program for customers who would like to replace their existing Gen2 SightSensors with new Gen3 models. This is a completely voluntary program, and you can continue to use your existing Gen2 SightSensor if it is operating to your satisfaction.

Here’s how the Gen2 to Gen3 Upgrade Program works: 

  • Place an order for an Upgrade Program for each SightSensor you want to replace (prices available through you SightLogix Regional Sales Director). Program includes the necessary conversion cable.
  • Return your existing Gen2 SightSensor(s) to the SightLogix factory. Your existing unit must have a functioning thermal imager.
  • We will remove the thermal imager from your Gen2 unit and place it into a new Gen3 SightSensor, which includes an all-new enclosure with smaller footprint, enhanced processor board, lower power consumption, and Ethernet-out connection (replacing the Gen2 Mil-Spec connector).
  • We will test and return your new Gen3 SightSensor ready for use.
  • You can use the included Gen2 to Gen3 Conversion Cable to connect to your existing U-XX Gen II cable, or choose to pull new conventional Ethernet and power for the Gen3 unit.
  • Your upgraded Gen3 SightSensor will qualify for a standard, one-year warranty, excluding the original thermal core. 
  • Please note that NS620 Gen2 cameras are excluded from this program.

The Upgrade Program also requires a mandatory firmware software upgrade for each site to run the Gen3 cameras.

Please contact your SightLogix Sales Director for any questions or to apply for the Upgrade Program.

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