SightTracker PTZ Compatibility with SightLogix Solutions

SightTracker PTZ is designed to work with most of the solutions in the SightLogix ecosystem, according to the following specifics:  

  • SightTracker PTZ is compatible with all Gen3, Gen3s, and Gen4 (currently shipping) SightSensors. 
  • SightTracker PTZ is not compatible with SightSensor Gen2 and earlier cameras.
  • SightTracker PTZ is always configured via its WebConfig interface.
  • Sites that are using "classic" SightMonitor can still use SightTracker PTZ. For these sites, the PTZ is simply configured via its WebConfig interface (it will not show up on SightMonitor I, but will work as designed).
  • SightMonitor II is not required to use SightTracker PTZ.  While it can be a helpful tool for managing all devices in a site, there is no technical requirement to change from SightMonitor I to SightMonitor II if the only goal is to deploy SightTracker PTZ.

To help clarify the items above: 

  • SightMonitor refers to the original JAVA-based application for configuring, calibrating, and managing a site with SightLogix devices. 
  • SightMonitor II is the second-generation, Windows-based application for managing a site of SightLogix devices. All devices under management by SightMonitor II are configured and calibrated using their integrated WebConfig interface.