SightLogix RMA Process

Before requesting an RMA, try these basic troubleshooting steps for both SightSensors or SightTrackers:

  1. Set a computer IP address to the same subnet as the SightLogix device to be tested.
  2. Apply power to the SightLogix device.
  3. See LED flash sequence (If no LED there is a power-related problem) = RMA needed
  4. After two minutes you should be able to ping the SightLogix device. (If no ping there is a network-related problem) = RMA needed
  5. Open web page at SightLogix device IP address with a recent browser (Chrome 71.0.+ or IE 11.0.105+). If no web page is loaded by browser there is a OS-related problem in the SightLogix device = RMA needed

If you are still having trouble with a SightLogix device after following the steps above, follow the procedure below. 

  • Refer to the Troubleshooting Guide for self-help actions you can take
  • Search the SightLogix portal to see if your problem is known and can be easily solved.
  • If no solution can be found, contact SightLogix support. 
    • Please have the following information available: Device serial number (located on the side of the back assembly of your device), device firmware version (on the vitals or info page) and VMS type and version. 
    • Email
    • Call +1 609.951.0008, Option 2
    • A SightLogix support representative will determine if a common solution can solve your problem (reboot, firmware update, etc.) or if a factory repair is needed.
  • If a factory repair is needed:
    • A ticket will be created in our support system for internal tracking. 
    • We will provide you with an RMA number and mailing address to send your equipment. We will also request your return address. 
    • Provide your name and return address with your unit. 
    • Your RMA number must be on the outside of the box used to send your device to SightLogix. 
  • Once your device has been received at the SightLogix factory:
    • We will determine if your device is covered under warranty or let you know the cost to repair. 
    • If there is a cost, we will request a Purchase Order (PO) and complete the repair process once received.