SightLogix RMA Process

If you are having trouble with a SightLogix device, follow the procedure below. 

  • Search the SightLogix portal to see if your problem is known and can be easily solved.
  • If no solution can be found in the portal, contact SightLogix support. 
    • Please have the following information available: Device serial number (located on the side of the back assembly of your device), device firmware version (on the vitals or info page) and VMS type and version. 
    • Email
    • Call +1 609.951.0008, Option 2
    • A SightLogix support representative will determine if a common solution can solve your problem (reboot, firmware update, etc.) or if a factory repair is needed.
  • If a factory repair is needed:
    • A ticket will be created in our support system for internal tracking. 
    • We will provide you with an RMA number and mailing address to send your equipment. We will also request your return address. 
    • Provide your name and return address with your unit. 
    • Your RMA number must be on the outside of the box used to send your device to SightLogix. 
  • Once your device has been received at the SightLogix factory:
    • We will determine if your device is covered under warranty or let you know the cost to repair. 
    • If there is a cost, we will request a Purchase Order (PO) and complete the repair process once received.