Changing from SightMonitor to WebConfig

These instructions are for SightSensor HD only.

If you have been using SightMonitor to manage your SightSensor(s), and you want to change your configuration method to using WebConfig, follow these steps. 

Note: SightSensors should be managed either by SightMonitor or WebConfig, but not both simultaneously. If you change to WebConfig using the instructions below and decide to revert to SightMonitor, you will need to re-calibrate your camera and reconfirm your policy settings. Ideally, we recommend a software factory reset of your camera using WebConfig before changing your configuration method back to SightMonitor. 

Required Materials

Step 1: Upgrade your camera’s firmware to enable WebConfig

  • Download the WebConfig-enabled firmware (15.5x and above) to your firmware_images folder:
C:\Program Files(x86)\SightLogix\CS\webserver\webapps\slcs\firmware_images 
  • Launch SightMonitor, right-click your device from the Camera tree, choose "Configure".

  • Click the Ethernet tab, as shown.

  • Write down your SightSensor’s networking information (IP address, Gateway and Netmask). You will need this information later.
  • Click the Web Server tab and verify if the entries for Administrative Access are blank. 
    • If they are blank, this means that the default username/password have not been changed from the factory default (root/push2edg).
    • If these fields are NOT blank and show masked entries, this means that the Administrative Access credentials have been changed from default. You will need to locate these credentials to continue.
    • If you do not know your credentials, you will have to perform a hardware reset after reaching Step 3, below. 
  • Right-click your SightSensor in the camera tree and choose “Upgrade Firmware”.
  • Select the firmware from the firmware list and click “Upgrade Selected”.
  • Upgrade the second boot slot so both contain WebConfig-enabled firmware.

Step 2: Remove Your SightSensor from SightMonitor

  • Once both slots have been successfully upgraded, remove the SightSensor from the SightMonitor camera tree by right-clicking and choosing “Remove”

Note: SightMonitor can remain open as long as the SightSensor being switched to WebConfig has been removed.

Step 3: Software-Factory Reset the SightSensor

  • Enter the IP address recorded earlier into your browser. The WebConfig sign-in page opens.

Note: If a checkbox to Force Login is available, enable this box and continue.
Also: If the login screen shows a red message "CS connected: Please disconnect CS to login" confirm that you have completed Step 2, above. 

  • Enter your camera’s Administrative Access credentials or use the default credentials root/push2edg if they have not been changed.
    •  If you do not know your Administrative Access credentials, you can factory reset your camera using the Hardware Reset process:
    • Then using a browser, access the camera within thirty seconds of power-up using DHCP or the camera will default to the IP address:
  • Click Sign In.

The Network page opens, as shown. 

  • Click the Maintenance tab on the left.
  • Click Factory Reset.

Wait one minute and refresh your browser.

  • Note: The only settings that will remain after your factory reset are the camera’s networking settings, including IP address.

You are now ready to configure your camera using WebConfig. Refer to the on-screen QuickStart guide, and/or the SightSensor WebConfig Installation Guide for instructions.