Swap an Existing SightTracker with a Replacement

Follow these instructions to swap an existing SightTracker  that is in need of replacement.

  1. Make note of the serial number of the new Sight Tracker
  2. Set networking IP addrerss, gateway, mask and NTP on new Sight Tracker to same settings as Sight Tracker to be replaced on an isolated network or with original Sight Tracker off line.
  3. Go to machine where Sight Monitor is running.
  4. Close all sight monitor windows.
  5. Start windows services (services.msc) window and stop the SightLogix service.
  6. Open a file explorer window and go to: C:\Program Files\sightlogix\cs\db
  7. Copy the two files there to a backup in case they are needed for recovery (slcs.properties and slcs.script).
  8. Start SightLogix service stopped in step 4.
  9. Start SightMonitor and select tracker to be replaced.
  10. Select RMB and select disconnect - icon will turn blue in color.
  11. Connect new SightTracker by connecting RS422 analog video and apply power.
  12. After SightTracker has initialized go to SightMonitor and select "Configure" in the SightTracker you are swapping.
  13. In "Network" tab replace expected serial number with the serial number of the new SightTracker. Press "Save"
  14. Select RMB on SightTracker and select connect - icon will turn green in color and inherit all settings from data base.