How to Replace an End of Life Camera in SightSurvey

On July 14, 2022, SightLogix announced the End Of Life for the NS3 and TC3 320x240 cameras, upgrading them with a 384x288 line. The new line offers wider coverage, 44% more pixels and a clearer thermal image, delivering a superior value. 

If you have existing SightSurvey designs that use an 320x240 NS3 or TC3, it's very easy to replace them with a comparable 384x288. This tutorial shows you how. 

How To Distinguish an EOL Camera

An End of Life camera is indicated in the following manner: 

  • Camera icon is greyed out in your design

  • The line item in the Camera List is red.

  • The Materials list shows "Unknown"

How to Replace an EOL Camera in SightSurvey

  • Click the grayed-out device to activate it. 
  • Change your camera series to either NS4  or TC4 from the Drop-down Camera List at right. 
  • SightSurvey will automatically select the appropriate 4-series camera based on the original camera's detection coverage area. 
  • Confirm that the replacement meets your detection coverage needs. Re-orient if necessary. 
  • Save your design! 

Which 4-Series Camera Replaces My 3-Series?

Use the chart below to see which NS4 or TC4 replaces your EOL camera. 

NS3 SeriesFOV / Detection DistanceReplacement CameraFOV / Detection Distance
NS600-3206.2°/600mNS595-620 (640x480)12°/595m
TC3 SeriesInbound Detection Distance/FOVReplacement CameraInbound Detection Distance/FOV