SightTracker Third Party PTZ Support

The following is the current list of IP-based  PTZ cameras which have been tested and certified with the SightLogix® SightTracker to provide automated tracking functionality in conjunction with SightLogix SightSensors. 

We have tested SightLogix firmware with the specific IP-based PTZ cameras and PTZ firmware versions indicated below. If you are considering using a different PTZ or PTZ firmware than shown here, additional testing may be required to verify compatibility with SightTrackers.

IP PTZs (SightSensor Gen3 Only)

ManufacturerPTZPTZ FirmwareSightLogix Firmware
360 VisionPredator HD 30x1.21.05Firmware 15.10 and above
AxisQ6045-E Mk ll5.70.1Firmware 10.6 and above
See Axis Configuration and Notes, below
AxisQ6045-E Network Camera5.70.1Firmware 10.6 and above
See Axis Configuration and Notes, below
3rd-party tested device
(Not Qualified by SightLogix, but known to be in service and operating well)
3rd-party tested device
(Not Qualified by SightLogix, but known to be in service and operating well)
AxisQ6215-LE9.70.1.515Firmware 15.12.220 and above
AxisAxis Q6315-LE PTZ10.4.416.0.30 and above
(Click for special 10.9.4 FW step)
AxisQ8685-LE Outdoor PTZ6.55.1.3Genetec Only (click for steps), 15.6 and above
BoschAUTODOME IP Starlight 7000


Firmware 15.6 and above
HanwhaXNP-6550RH1.40.02_20191031_R321Firmware 15.12.230 and above 
InfinovaV1492MR-T2V2.2.9.201607060901Firmware 10.8.69 and above
PanasonicWV-SUD638 4.10Firmware 15.12.85 and above
PanasonicWV-SW5982.43Firmware 15.2.x and above
Firmware 15.12.230 and above
PelcoP2820-ESR05.40.1.12(MB:3.5)Firmware 16.2.14 and above
SamsungSNP-6320RHS/W: 1.01_150915
ISP: 1.01_150213
Tracking: 1.17_150213
Firmware 10.6 and above
VideotecUlisse Compact Delux
 3.2.0Firmware 15.12.206  and above
VideotecULISSE Compact HD PTZV1.6T1543S750010.10.6 and above
15.2.x and above

NOTE:  If minimum firmware indicated in the table is 15.X.X or 16.X.X then a SightTracker model ST3-020 (currently shipping) is required to control the PTZ via ONVIF Profile S. 

Older SightTracker model ST3-000 is not compatible with firmware 15.X.X or 16.X.X.

Axis Configuration Notes

Both supported Axis domes must be be configured to have the full tilt range available to avoid an "out of range" message. You can set the limits via the web interface by going to:
  • Setup -> PTZ -> Advanced -> Limits
  • Set the dome set to: 
    • Upper Limit 20 
    • Left Limit -180
    • Right Limit 180
    • Enable Eflip Checked  OR Lower Limit -90
  • When clicking Save there will be a warning: "The tilt angle of 20 degrees is outside the default range.This may cause poor image quality."
  • Select OK

Analog Cameras (no longer supported by current SightTracker hardware)


  • AutoDome Analog PTZ Series 600 (Gen 4)

Note: Must use AutoDome RS-232 connection from camera to SightTracker for bi­-directional communications.


  • PT Series
  • D-Series


  • Illuminator Series


  • Spectra III Series
  • Spectra IV Series

Note: When using a Spectra IV please confirm that the model number is SD4xx and NOT SD4Exx. The “E” indicates that it is an IP Spectra IV.  Also, the back box or mount model number should be (for example) BB4-xx and NOT BB4E or BB4e-xx which would indicate an IP model. If you have any doubts, please contact Pelco Product Support at 1-800-289-9100 or contact SightLogix for help. 

  • Esprit Series

For Esprit models, similar rules apply as for Spectra. Esprit model ES40-xx is an analog Esprit. Esprit model ES40E-xx is an IP Esprit.



  1. SightLogix has not tested and/or certified every model variation of the cameras listed above. It can only be assumed that all models will interface in the same way and using the same protocol as the specific model tested.
  2. Sightlogix has tested and certified with a certain firmware version for each camera listed. It may be required that the camera be updated to use the exact firmware version that was present during our testing to insure compatibility with the SightTrackerTM unit.
  3. There is a known issue with certain Pelco Spectra Camera back boxes. SightLogix has found that the serial data connection on the IP ready Spectra IV Camera back boxes does not work and cannot provide the needed communications needed for the SightTracker unit. It is recommended that the standard analog Spectra IV back box be used as a result.