Create Raw Capture for SightLogix Support

Note: These instructions are for SightMonitor version 10.6.21. Please verify that your installed SightSensor firmware is 10.6.74 using the Upgrade Firmware command in Sight Monitor.

Main Steps

  • Install the Mozilla browser which is used to download raw capture videos. Other browsers do not currently capture files properly.
  • Once your SightSensor firmware version has been verified follow the instructions below to perform raw capture and return to SightLogix via FTP server
  1. Open the following web page in the SightSensor you are trying to capture (using the IP address assigned to the device):
UN: backdoor
PW: backdoor
  1. From the Engineering Diagnostics Command page that will be displayed, press the "capture" hyperlink and enter your login credentials.
  1. From the Capture page that is displayed various functions are available including:

A.Start a new capture

B.Stop a capture that is in progress

C.Directory list of captures taken under "Previous Captures" text

D.Download of a previous capture by pressing download icon to right side of previous capture title

E.Deletion of a previous capture by pressing trash icon to right side of previous capture title

  1. To start a usable capture set up the scenario you will use during the capture (person walking, etc.) and start capture for 1 minute before test activity begins by pressing "Record" button  to provide video background history
  2. After one minute, begin test activity (person walking etc.) and allow capture to store the video.
  3. Press "Stop" button when finished recording.

The new recording will appear in list on right side.

  1. Press the download icon to download to computer you are using. Be sure to download two files for each capture. One is rawCapture.XXXXX.txt the other is rawCapture.XXXXX.raw
  2. Delete the recording after download has been confirmed to free up space in SightSensor for other recordings.
  3. If you want to delete the video and redo, press the Trash icon and start over at step 4 above.

*Note that recording will consume 265 Mb/s and there is a download limit of 2Gb per capture file so do not attempt recording for more than 7 minutes.

  1. Return large raw capture files recorded during capture session(s) to SightLogix using MailBigFile, Google Drive or FTP.