Configuring Avigilon Control Center 6

Tested with Avigilon Control Center
Tested with SightLogix Firmware 10.10.29 and 15.11.87

Add SightLogix Devices as an ONVIF Device

Adding Devices with SightMonitor

If you are using SightMonitor, follow these steps. If you are using WebConfig, scroll to the next section

  • In SightMonitor, right-click your device, click Configure, choose the Camera tab, and set the VMS Type to either ONVIF H.264 (preferred) or ONVIF MPEG4. 

  • Adding Devices with WebConfig

    • In WebConfig, go to the Camera tab and set VMS Type to either ONVIF H.264 (preferred) or ONVIF MPEG4

Next, add devices individually as hardware units.

  • Log into AvigilonControl Center , click the upper left menu icon (three bars) and select Manage Site Setup from the left-side navigation. 

  • Click Connect/Disconnect cameras.

  • Click Find Camera and enter the SightLogix camera’s information in the Find Camera window and click OK.  
    • Camera type is ONVIF. 
    • Username/password is service/test1234

  • Click OK. The following screen opens, showing the newly added camera at the bottom. 

  • Click Connect.  The Connect Camera window opens. 

  • Click OK.
  • Once connected, the camera will be shown at the bottom under Connected Cameras. 

Setting Alarms

Once you’ve added cameras, create and configure alarms as follows:

  • Under the setup menu, click Alarms and click Add.
  • Select Motion Detection under Alarm Trigger Source.  
  • Select the camera which you want to associate with this alarm.

  • Add the group/user to receive the alarm notification and click Next.
  • Provide a name for the alarm and click Finish.

  • After adding the alarm, the Alarm properties should look as follows:

Setting Rules 

After you’ve added alarm settings, you may add rules to perform an action (e.g. add Bookmark) when an alarm triggers.

  • From the Setup window, click Rules

  • Select Motion detection started, then Next.

  • Select Create Bookmark as the action.
  • Click "any camera" to select the SightLogix device.

  • Click Next.
  • Review your rule setup at the bottom of the window and click Next. 

  • Provide a name and click Finish.

  • Check the alarms under Search Alarms/Motion/Events