Using AI Firmware in SightSensor Managed by SightMonitor Classic

SightLogix AI Alarm Filtering  is enabled  and managed via the device's WebConfig interface. To use AI functionality in a Gen 4 device presently managed by SightMonitor1 ("SM1", the JAVA-based SightMonitor), do the following. 

Note: Once you remove your device from SightMonitor and activate Thermal AI, you can no longer add it back to SightMonitor and continue to use the AI  feature. Instead you can simply use the WebConfig interface going forward, as described below.   

  • Backup the database in SM1 using Backup > Database command
  • Update firmware in the device (s) that will be using AI firmware to V16.2.122 (this step enables WebConfig in your device, in preparation for enabling the AI firmware, below)
  • After a reboot, disconnect the device from SM1 that will be using AI firmware 
  • Once disconnected, remove the sensor from SM1 that will be using AI firmware 
  • Login to WebConfig at the IP address of the device (default username and password is root/push2edg)
  • Update the device to the AI firmware provided by SightLogix by clicking Maintenance > Upgrade Firmware (refer to Upgrading SightLogix Software and Firmware for instructions).
  • Upgrade a second time after the automatic reboot to get AI firmware in both firmware slots.
  • Import and save the map and cal files as described in the SightSensor WebConfig Installation Guide.pdf (under "Troubleshooting: Performing GPS Map Calibration
  • Verify calibration is good as described in SightSensor WebConfig Installation Guide.pdf . If not recalibrate the device.
  • Verify rules and policies were transferred and are the same as was previously configured in SM1. If not, configure rules and policies as required.
  • Finally,  backup your camera's configuration and save the JSON file in a safe location (click the Maintenance tab in WebConfig, and choose "Backup Configuration". 

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