Configuring March Networks Command Professional

This document describes how to setup March Networks Command Professional VMS with the SightLogix SightSensor. These instructions show how to view and record video as well as to optionally use the dry contact input on the SightSensor as an alarm input to be monitored with Command. 


SightLogix SightMonitor V15.2.18 or greater as well as SightSensor firmware V15.2.92 or greater. 

Initial Steps - Configure SightMonitor

  1. Install SightMonitor and configure the SightSensor with required networking settings. 
  2. Using SightMonitor, configure the ONVIF user name and password for the SightSensor and press "Save". 
  3. Using SightMonitor, select VMS type "Indigo Vision H.264" in and press "Save".

Configuring March Networks Software

Open Command Recording Server setup window, as shown. 

Press Camera and select ONVIF 2.4 and fill in desired camera name, ONVIF user name and password previously configured in SM, IP address, and press Ok

Press Save Changes icon in upper right side of Command Recording Server.

Video will now be displayed if camera is on line.

Press Setup on Command Recording Server window. Select "Alarms".

Name the new alarm something descriptive such as "SightSensor XX motion alarm " and press "Ok" and press Save icon.

Select Add Source and press Ok and then the Save icon.

Now go back to Command setup and select Scheduler and check Enable Recording and press  the Save icon.

Use SightLogix SightMonitor to create a test alarm in the sensor you are working with and a motion alarm should be received in the March client.

The motion alarm should be logged in the March Command Management [CRI console].

Configuring the Dry Contact Alarm

The following optional steps describe how to configure the dry contact alarm input on the SightSensor. This input is designed to work with a dry switch contact (no external voltage applied). If an external voltage is applied to the Dry in contact pins, damage to the SightSensor may result.

To create and name an alarm input to March go to Setup and create a new IO physical alarm by pressing + in alarms. Press Ok and press the Save icon.

 Select an I/O alarm source as shown here:

Press Ok and press Save icon.

With a wire or switch, short the Dry in - and Dry in + connections on the rear of the SightSensor and you will see an alarm input in March corresponding to the switch closure.

The alarm state can be monitored in the March client.

Alarms will also be logged in March Command Management [CRI console].

Rev 1.127 Feb 2017