Configuring Genetec Security Center

Genetec Security Center 5.7 SR2 (5.7.607.240)

Important Notes 

  • Please consult the Genetec manuals for detailed operation procedures for SecurityCenter and the Security Desk application. 

Add SightLogix Devices as an ONVIF Device 

Adding Devices with SightMonitor

If you are using SightMonitor, follow these steps. If you are using WebConfig, scroll to the next section

  • In SightMonitor, right-click your device, click Configure, choose the Camera tab, and set the VMS Type to either ONVIF H.264 (preferred) or ONVIF MPEG4. 

Adding Devices with WebConfig

  • In WebConfig, go to the Camera tab and set VMS Type to either ONVIF H.264 (preferred) or ONVIF MPEG4

Adding Devices to Genetec as ONVIF

  • You add devices to Genetec individually as video units
  • From the Config Tool, go to the Video unit viewer and click the appropriate Archiver. Select Video Unit from the bottom-left menu.

  • In the dialog that appears, select ONVIF as the “Manufacturer.”

  • Enter the IP address for the camera you are adding.
  • Either use the default ONVIF login or enter the username and password (default is service and the password is test1234). 
  • Click Add (or Add and Close). The device is added to the tree.

Creating Continuous, Scheduled, or Alarm-based Recordings

Once you’ve added cameras, create and configure alarms as follows:

  • Expand the unit in the sidebar, select the camera feed you want to record (there will be two feeds for SightSensor HD) and then select the Recording tab. 
  • Under “Recording Modes” you can set the camera to record continuously, on a schedule, or on Motion events.
  • Repeat the above steps for SightSensor HD on Camera 02. Note that motion is only reported on Camera 01 (the 1080p Visible stream). The Thermal (Camera 02) stream should be set to record continuously on or a schedule.

Configure Motion

Click onto the Motion Detection Tab for each camera feed and be sure that motion detection is turned on and detection is done on unit.

Creating Event Action on Motion Detection

Once you’ve added cameras, create and configure alarm action as follows:

  • In the camera view, select the camera feed which you would like an action performed on when motion is detected.

  • Click “Identity”

  • Click “Actions” Under “Relationships”, and click

  • Select the triggering event

  • Select the action to perform and on which camera to apply the action to.

  • Click Save