Release 16.2 Highlights

Note: The most recently posted Release Note contains cumulative details on all 16.2 releases to date.

Feb 16, 2024 (16.2.192)

The latest release of 16.2 firmware for SightSensors contains a fix for SightMonitor II. 

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Feb 14, 2024 (16.2.191)

Highlights of Release 16.2.191 include:

  • A new Auto Zone feature that  automates a human detection policy with a click. By clicking the "Plus" button, the SightSensor automatically draws a Zone to the camera's Inbound or Crossfield range;  ignores the area beyond the camera's stated range to reduce unwanted alarms in the far field; enables AI Nuisance Alarm Filtering by default; and creates a comprehensive Human Detection rule with common settings that further help reduce nuisance alarms. 
  • The Policy page has been enhanced with guidelines showing Inbound/Crossfield distance and AI Classification distance, along with other options to aid policy creation. 
  • The AI Classification nuisance alarm filter has been extended to cover targets that fall within 60% of the Inbound detection range of the camera (previously the AI Classification filter only covered targets that fell within 50% of the Inbound detection range).
  • The latest Thermal AI model has been added with improved performance 
  • The 17.0 SightTracker PTZ firmware contains a streaming performance enhancement.

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Feb 2, 2024 (16.2.184)

The latest release of 16.2 firmware contains a fix for WebConfig where the Save/Revert buttons won't show under certain conditions. 

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Jan 8, 2024 (16.2.182)

The latest release of 16.2 firmware contains the new SightLogix Thermal AI feature to reduce nuisance alarms. You can learn more about this exciting capability for Gen4 SightSensors here: Using SightLogix Thermal AI.

There is also a new Live View tab in WebConfig to show the thermal or visible image  from the browser.

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Jan 8, 2024 ( 16.2.124 - Bridge Firmware)

Bridge Firmware 16.2.124 is provided with SightLogix Thermal AI firmware, starting with 16.2.182.  

  • In some cases, installing AI firmware for the first time may cause the upgrade to fail, with the error "OSError: [Errno 28] No space left on device
  • For these situations,  install Bridge Firmware 16.2.124 to prepare the camera for Thermal AI, then re-install the AI firmware, as explained in Using SightLogix Thermal AI

July 21, 2023 (16.2.122)

Highlights are below - please refer to the complete Release Note for all changes.

  • DSA at Night (HD,TC) - Firmware  16.2.122 - option in the device tab of WebConfig for "Night DSA" which can use both imagers in dual imager products when there is sufficient light in the camera's scene 
  • OpenEye - Firmware  16.2.122 should be used for OpenEye and SightSensors
  • Privacy Zones for Dual Imager SightSensors (HD, TC) - Device Firmware - 16.2.112 
    You can now choose to define a Privacy Zone on WebConfig's Policy page . Doing so will blank out that section of the visible image from being seen. 
  • Shock Alarm - Device Firmware 16.2.102
    When selected, the Shock Alarm feature automatically monitors the camera's position and sends a Shock Alarm when the camera is impacted,
    tilted or moved from its current position by more than 3% of the total field of view
  • New SightSensor 4-Series Cameras
    The new 384×288 NS4 and TC4 lines deliver 44% more pixels than 320×240 cameras, offering wider intruder detection coverage and a clearer thermal image, at costs that make them a compelling solution for protecting critical, industrial and commercial perimeters. 
  • This release also addresses any previously reported software bugs and enhancements, as discussed in the Release Note.

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  • Contact SightLogix for information about obtaining the new release for your existing products.