Release 16.2 Highlights

Release 16.2 of SightLogix Security System offers a number of capabilities. 

Click here for Release Note - 16.2.x  (updated July 21, 2023)

Highlights are below - please refer to the complete Release Note for all changes. 

  • DSA at Night (HD,TC) - Firmware  16.2.122 - option in the device tab of WebConfig for "Night DSA" which can use both imagers in dual imager products when there is sufficient light in the camera's scene 
  • OpenEye - Firmware  16.2.122 should be used for OpenEye and SightSensors
  • Privacy Zones for Dual Imager SightSensors (HD, TC) - Device Firmware - 16.2.112 
    You can now choose to define a Privacy Zone on WebConfig's Policy page . Doing so will blank out that section of the visible image from being seen. 
  • Shock Alarm - Device Firmware 16.2.102
    When selected, the Shock Alarm feature automatically monitors the camera's position and sends a Shock Alarm when the camera is impacted,
    tilted or moved from its current position by more than 3% of the total field of view
  • New SightSensor 4-Series Cameras
    The new 384×288 NS4 and TC4 lines deliver 44% more pixels than 320×240 cameras, offering wider intruder detection coverage and a clearer thermal image, at costs that make them a compelling solution for protecting critical, industrial and commercial perimeters. 
  • This release also addresses any previously reported software bugs and enhancements, as discussed in the Release Note.

  • Contact SightLogix for information about obtaining the new release for your existing products.