Announcing Release 15.10

Date: March 12, 2019

Release 15.10 of SightLogix system software introduces a number of improvements, as explained in the Release Notes for 15.10

Highlights of the release include:

  • Introducing SightSensor TC - The SightSensor TC is a dual-video smart camera that uses  high-clarity thermal for detection and HD visible color for alarm assessment. Learn more at
  • Stabilizer Improvements - All SightSensor models now automatically use either image or gyroscope stabilization to improve detection performance. 
  • NTP Stability - A issue has been fixed which sometimes caused a camera to fail to set initial time from the NTP server on boot-up when in static IP mode. Enhanced NTP debug information is now available on the WebConfig network page.
  • Syslog Server Support: Logging to an external syslog server feature has been restored. WebConfig login attempts and ssh login attempts are logged to the syslog.
  • SightSensor HD2XX Thermal Video stream: The visual quality of the infrared video stream has been improved for the SightSensor HD2XX cameras.
  • Third Party Support - This release adds support for VMS's from OpenEye and Aimetis Senstar Symphony, and PTZs from 360 Vision Predator HD 30x  and Ulisse Compact Delux PTZ. 
  • This release also addresses any previously reported software bugs and enhancements, as discussed in the Release Note.

  • Click here for the Release 15.10 Release Note

  •  Contact SightLogix for information about obtaining the new release for your existing products.